Fighting Cancer Triathlon 2011

Formerly the Tri-To-Beat Cancer triathlon, the “Fighting Cancer Triathlon” will take place this year on Saturday 18th of June 2011.

 The triathlon will once again take place in the beautiful grounds of Belvedere House & Gardens Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

Raise Money for Cancer Research

Get involved in Ireland’s premier charity sprint triathlon and help raise funds for CCRT  (Cancer Clinical Research Trust)

Cancer Research has undergone a huge transformation, indeed a revolution in recent years. The long investment in basic laboratory research is now beginning to pay off in a big way to the benefit of current cancer sufferers. Previously, treatment related research was largely confined to the use of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy to treat cancer, which have saved many lives. We have now progressed and have entered the exciting new era of ‘translational research’.’Translational research’ refers to the convergence of basic laboratory research and clinical (i.e. patient orientated treatment research).

For more information or to register please visit

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