Austin Friar Street Works Impacting on Local Businesses

The works currently taking place on Austin Friar Street are already having a serious impact on businesses on the street. Chamber of Commerce President Pat Whelan says, “We have been in touch with our members on the street and they are extremely unhappy with the fact that they received only two days notice that the works were taking place.”

Footfall on the street is down dramatically and it has already impacted on revenues. Elaine Norris, Store Manager with Texas Department Store said that, ”When compared with this day last year, our takings were down yesterday and our staff had trouble coming into work as the inadequate signage did not make clear which streets were closed and which were not.”

Local business are angered by the lack of notice they received with some completely unaware that works would be taking place on the street until September.

Derek Gowran from Alo Gowrans has also noticed the negative impact on their business, “It’s now taking us twenty five minutes to reach the far side of town. We had no time to prepare for as we only received notice on Friday that the works would be taking place from Monday morning.”

Michael Fagan, Fagan’s Office Supplies, “These works are set to go on until September and this is going to have a big impact on our back to school business. We have already seen a drop in footfall and we’re only two days in.”

Pat Whelan says, “It’s all very well  that the council congratulates us on the success of Fiver Friday but we want them to work with the traders not put more obstacles in their way, things are bad enough at the moment without adding this to their woes. It completely discourages people from doing business in that area of the town as parking is badly affected. Buses going through the town also have to divert which will increase travel times and case disruption for commuters.”

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