Austin Friar Street Works To Continue for Next Seven Days

The major road works currently taking place on Austin Friar Street are scheduled to be scaled down from next Tuesday. Pat Whelan, President of the Mullingar Chamber of Commerce was in consultation with the council this morning and has been assured that the initial works will not continue until September as indicated in a letter from the council to local traders last Friday.

Austin Friar Street is the only street in the town where there are still overheard cables and this work is necessary in order to place these cables underground. Work will continue after next Tuesday on the footpaths in the area but this will have only a minimal effect on traffic and pedestrians in the area.

Pat Whelan concluded that,

“We have spoken to the council about the need for a more open channel of communication between the council, the traders and the Chamber. This is to ensure that traders are made aware of large scale projects like this one and have adequate time to let their customers and staff know. We have been assured that the works will not take place at the weekend and will not impact on upcoming events such as the Joe Dolan Festival in August.”

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