Send 1,000 Emails to your Customers for Free!

As a form of marketing, email campaigns have become increasingly popular in recent years. Why? Because they work.
Have you heard Snap are now offering fully managed Email Marketing campaigns from start to finish? Did you know about the great deal we’re running? For a limited time only, we are offering you the chance to send out up to 1,000 emails to your customers for FREE! All you pay for is the design and we’ll cover everything else -uploading your database with targeting if required, sending up to 1,000 emails and reporting, all FREE!

Perhaps you’re asking yourself why you would need to use  Email Marketing? Here are just some reasons why it’s such a valuable marketing tool:

  • Instantly Measurable – find out who opens & reads your emails immediately.
  • Cost Effective – quick & easy to implement and affordable.
  • Highly Targeted & personalised & allows for testing of new ideas & offers. 

Plus email marketing is the No. 1 Online Activity used by Irish marketers. Why? Because it works!

So, isn’t the question really… why wouldn’t you use  Email Marketing?

At Snap, our experienced Graphic Designers will work with you to create a fully managed email marketing campaign from start to finish, which is effective for your business. We will show you how to design your email marketing material so that you get the maximum response.

And now to help you get started, we’re offering you the opportunity to send up to 1,000 emails absolutely FREE when you first try out our email marketing service. Contact us today  to find out more.


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