Revive the Spirit – Book Launch 7pm Friday 23rd September

From:  Corina Thornton.  The Studio – Immediate Print



Revive the Spirit – Book Launch 7pm Friday 23rd September


Ireland 2011


In the name of Peace and Justice & Harmony

Collaboration, Celebration

Fortified with the will to Succeed


Corina Thornton, a vibrant artist of international standing


Michael MacDonald An File Úfásach


Both are now living in Co. Westmeath.  We decided in March 2011 to combine our talents to produce some commemorative item, a small book as a vehicle to reflect the significance of the unique occasions of the visit toIrelandin May 2011 or Elizabeth II of theUKand Barack Obama of theUSA.  We have worked hard to produce a suitable commemorative book which people hopefully, will treasure, and keep as a reminder of how things were inIrelandin May 2011.  Giving courage to those adversely effected by the monster cuts and loss of employment


Revive the Irish Spirit – This requires leadership

This is the spirit in which we must all do our fair share.  Our chosen focus begins with a small book to acknowledge our own, and that of the Irish people generally with the personal satisfaction in these events.  As we go forward with our final draft to go to print – a 72 page book including 8 colored plates,  we do not know who may or may not assist us in what we believe is a most worthy project.  We trust that our effort to collaborate in this commemorative production will be appreciated by the decent people ofIrelandat home and abroad and that this will attract interested sponsors to assist our larger project.


The remoteness of government agencies and Ministers’ offices is regrettable, however it is our hope that we will be able to raise funds to enable us to print and distribute 5000 copies of Revive the Spirit acrossIrelandand the Irish Diaspora worldwide.  To achieve this we will require sponsorship and perhaps corporate donations, totaling 5 thousand euros to enable us to “deliver the goods”.  This “Revive the Spirit” project is a not for profit project entered into by Michael MacDonald and Corina Thornton operating from The Studio, Mount Street Gardens, Mullingar.  The Free Art Studio as established by Corina Thornton is already a focal point for diverse artists and budding artists in and around Co. Westmeath and beyond.


It is time to Arise and Shine in the true Spirit of Ireland 


Look forwards – join us and ensure that Revive the Spirit is celebrated in every corner of Ireland and overseas.  Give it to local friends, business partners and to the Diaspora.  – Att: Corina Thornton

Email:  – Att: Michael MacDonald B.Agr.Sc.

P.S.     All sponsors of €1,000 and upwards will receive 200 free copies of Revive the Spirit.

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