Don’t be a Victim – Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

Fraud Alert

Many Irish organisations, whether they realise it or not, have been a victim of fraud. The total cost of fraud in any one year cannot be measured with any certainty, and may run into hundreds of millions of euro. The one feature common to all frauds is that unscrupulous people take advantage of unsuspecting victims. You should not underestimate the time and trouble would-be fraudsters will take to steal from you.

This publication is intended to provide a broad understanding of fraud, the obligations of various individuals and the measures that can be taken to prevent and detect fraud.

What is Fraud? What are your responsibilities? Why you need to read Fraud Alert?

Read the booklet below and find out all you need to know about fraud.

A publication produced jointly between the Garda Síochána and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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