Social Business Networking Event – BBQ 6pm Friday 13th July 2012, Annebrook House Hotel


Facebook meets Linkedin meets social networking meets business networking. It’s new and designed to help you network in a unique relax way. Bring your staff, partners and friends and join us for the first of its kind. Please book or phone the Chamber office for more details, €10 cover charge to cover food costs.

13 Reasons to Attend this event on Friday 13th

  1. Make new connections, meet new people. The more people you meet, the more referrals you are likely to get and the most successful businesses are built on referrals.!
  2. Networking is the “in” way to do business, whether locally or online.
  3. Identify potential new clients & customers, and those who can refer you to them. By getting out there and talking to people you can come up with totally new ideas for potential clients, targets markets.
  4. Discover how people in other businesses are getting business, and adapt it to your own. By hearing how other people operate, you can get great ideas for changes, expansions even new directions for your own business.
  5. Get ideas for potential joint ventures and joint venture partners.
  6. Find new products and services you have been looking for. Need an accountant, marketer, web designer? Need insurance, a new vehicle, a warehouse? Whatever you are looking for, if you network enough the chances are you will find someone who can provide what you’re looking for.
  7. Find others who’ve been in business longer and are willing to share how they did it, giving you valuable tips. Successful business people are usually secure enough to be willing to share tips as to how they got where they are. Listen and learn. There’s no point in reinventing the wheel!
  8. Make great new friends who have the entrepreneurial spirit you love. Entrepreneurs have a very different energy. If you are truly an entrepreneur in spirit yourself, you will enjoy mixing with others who are similar.
  9. Perfect your “mingling” skills till it become second nature. So many people say they dislike networking, but once you become a master at the art, it becomes fun.
  10. By working with other local companies you will keep money locally in the economy.
  11. One of the main objectives for the year ahead is to focus on job creation through business start ups, placements, entrepreneurism and self employment. We have lots of member who are experts in all areas and have years of experience in business who can offer advice and guidance.
  12. Meet members of Mullingar Chamber Executive and discuss with them how they can help and support you.
  13. Finally, it will be fun!! Come down and join in.

For availability please contact Angie at the Chamber office 12 Mount Street, Mullingar

or phone 044 93 44 044






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