Ultimate World Strongest Team Championship 2012 – Columb Barracks – Monday, 6th August


16 of the world’s most celebrated strongmen will descend on the town of Mullingar this August Bank Holiday weekend, for what’s promised to be a modern day battle of the Gladiators, in Columb Barracks, on Monday 6th August 2012.

The biggest, strongest, heaviest men on the planet will be in Mullingar competing in the Ultimate World Strongest 2-Man Team Championship 2012 which will involve six competitive and gruelling challenges including the famed Atlas Stones  – so the competition will be ultra tough.

The event is a historic first of its kind for Mullingar and an equally historic event for Columb Barracks which is being re-opened by kind permission of the Department of Defence for this unique community festival.

The battle for supremacy as the Worlds Strongest Team will kick off at 5pm and prior to the main event (from approx 1pm) there will be family fun and entertainment galore with local bands, The Aftermath, Icon of Fire, Good Man Sheila, Conor Quinn, Karen & The Dolans, Cúig and Sircles all there to entertain the crowds.

Mullingar Town Band and The Mullingar Gospel Choir will also be there to warm up the crowd and there will be lots to do and see throughout the afternoon, including food and crafts, facepainting, walkabout artists and lots lots more…

Other events will include a warm up open competition and demonstration of International level Tug-o-War, by members of the Irish Team in advance of their trip to Switzerland in September for the World Championships.

There will also be an invitational International Olympic Weightlifting Competition, which is another first for Mullingar and will definitely be worth having a look at the quality  of Irish International athletes that will be competing. As well as competition, those interested will be able to participate in a training session with an international weightlifting coach and test their true strength! The afternoons events will include strongest Youths & Juniors from 2pm, Ladies from 3pm, Men from 4pm.

The proposal is for televised distribution of this prestigious event to 12 Sky Channels with a worldwide audience of 150 million people that will have lasting and positive impacts for the town and environs of Mullingar and indeed the county, in the development of our tourism product and will hopefully be of immense value to the wider economy.

This will be the first World Strongman event of its kind held in Ireland in 2012 and promises to be a great family day out and the highlight of the Summer in Mullingar.

It is a not-to-be-missed festival occasion and family fun day, so get your tickets for the event and ensure that everyone who can visit Mullingar on Monday 6th August from around Ireland and from around the world will be able to do so and make for a truly great and memorable event for Mullingar.

Tickets priced €10 adult, €5 under 16’s and keen family rates: available online at www.mykidstime.com and also available from the Arts Centre, Mullingar – phone: 00 353 44 93 47777.

Be part of it!  – Mullingar is Destination Sport

The events planned for this one day competition are all two-man nation team events consisting of:-

Event 1: Strongman Push Pull Medley

Three Olympic themed zones of strength disciplines.  Starting with the bronze zone where a 150kg log will be pressed by each team member then two 200kg blocks are lifted onto an 18 inch platform in a tagging format before moving to the silver zone where each team member will press a 78kg Thomas inch dumbbell each then lift a 225kg and 250kg block onto an 18 inch platform.  At the gold zone each team member will press a gold axle weighing 175kg each, then lift 275kg and 300kg gold block onto an 18 platform to complete the event, fastest time wins

Event 2: Two Man Truck Pull Arm Over Arm

A massive truck weighing in excess of 40 tonne will be pulled by 2 competitors in the seated position in an arm over arm fashion over a 20 metres course, fastest time wins

Event 3: Titanic Compass

This is a brand new event to the Ultimate Strongman this year, on a huge compass flooring 2 filled vintage port barrels weighing in excess of quarter of a tonne must be lifted and carried by the compass pin the furthest distance possible. Team mates will then tag their partner who will lift the compass pin and port barrels and continue the Titanic Compass Walk.  Most degrees covered wins over a 90 secs period in as many lifts as possible.

Event 4: Hercules Hold – 2 man – 2 cars

Two cars on ramps will be held by each competitor by one hand, the other hand being held by a team mates handle to prevent the cars pulling the competitors apart by the cars rolling down the ramp, longest time wins

Event 5: Two Man Axle Deadlift for Maximum weight

Each team will continuously lift increasing weights in a last team standing format, maximum lift win in this grip and lower back test.

Event 6:  Stones of Strength

Six stones at increasing weight from 100kg, 115, 130kg, 145kg, 160kg and the new 175kg stone will be lifted unto the causeway walls.  Who will be the first man in history to lift the brand new Giant Stones of Strength.

The Teams to be included in the event are:-

Anglo Saxons

Welsh  Druids

Team  Yankees

Baltic Barbarians

Team  Vikings

Polska  Pirates

Scottish  Claymores

Celtic Warriors

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