Ensure your Event is included in the Discover Ireland Database of Festivals and Events 2013

Don’t miss out on this FREE promotional opportunity during a special year – THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013!

Returns Deadline: 21.00hrs on Sunday, October 28, 2012

Dear Event Organiser,

Next year will be a special year in Ireland. It will be the year of THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013 – 12 months packed
full of exciting events that will be extensively promoted in Ireland and overseas.

If you would ike your Festival/Event to be considered for FREE inclusion in the Discover Ireland Festival and Events Database
2013, please complete the online participation form URGENTLY at www.DiscoverIrelandEvents.com. The returns deadline is

Sunday, October 28, 2012. The Database will be used to inform all promotional activity carried out by Fáilte Ireland, THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013 and our promotional partners.

Important: Please don’t assume we already have your event details, even if you have submitted information previously through
other channels. This is a NEW Festival and Events database for Fáilte Ireland and THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013. It’s important you feature within it, or you may miss out on some great promotional opportunities.

The festivals and events in the database will feed into the Discover Ireland.ie and THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013 websites. A smaller selection of events will be chosen, from time to time, for even wider profiling and promotion by Fáilte Ireland and
THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013, through various online, print and other communication channels e.g. media bulletins, online listings, press releases, printed calendar and iphone/android Apps. Fáilte Ireland and THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013 will also share the information provided, for promotional purposes, with relevant parties including Tourism Ireland, domestic and international media and domestic and international travel trade.

Submit Your Details Urgently

To submit details of your event, please visit www.DiscoverIrelandEvents.com and complete the online
form. The website provides advice to completing your form to help ensure that you have all your required information to hand. You can also submit good quality photos of your event (extremely important) via the website.


If you have any queries please contact Accolades Marketing who are co-ordinating the
database on behalf of Fáilte Ireland and THE GATHERING IRELAND 2013. Email:
John@DiscoverIrelandEvents.com or Tel: 065 689 3843.

DEADLINE for submission of information 21.00hrs on Sunday, October 28, 2012

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