e-Working Centre Mullingar, a smarter work option

e-Working Centre Mullingar, a smarter work option.

Westmeath County Council is considering the establishment of an e-Working Centre in an existing building within its grounds at County Buildings, Mullingar. The proposal is aimed at implementing Irish Government policy as expressed in “Smarter Travel – A Sustainable Transport Future” which has set objectives for the provision of regional e-Working Centres in order to reduce work related travel.

The proposed project involves providing state of the art office facilities for use by people living in the Midlands area who currently travel to work in Dublin or other locations involving long travel distances. The proposed e-Working Centre would provide these people with an opportunity to work closer to home, availing of working space with communications and IT systems in an office environment in Mullingar.

 Customers of the proposed e-Working  would have access to the Councils ancillary facilities including existing car and bicycle parking facilities, meeting rooms, canteen, and tele/video conferencing.

Using the proposed e-Working Centre would result in many benefits for individuals including substantial time and cost savings. Important community benefits would also result in reduced traffic congestion, energy conservation, and reduced environmental emissions from transport.


For employers, benefits would include increased productivity and flexibility of staff, retention of skilled staff, reduction of damaging impact to business from extreme weather, and savings from reduced need to provide office and parking accommodation.


If you think you might be interested in exploring this option, please visit the Westmeath County Council Website, http://www.westmeathcoco.ie

where further details on the proposal are outlined.  There is also a questionnaire for interested parties to complete before the 14th December 2012.


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This project is supported by the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport under the Active Travel Towns funding programme 2012/2013.


eWorking Mullingar

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