Una D’Arcy “The Facebook Friend”


You may already know me as a local senior journalist with a reputation for creating imaginative and innovative advertising copy for the Westmeath Examiner.

There is a whole world of people who would like to hear from you and from your business on social media.

I am starting up a new enterprise, which offers to keep Facebook up-to-date for small business owners.

This is often time consuming for the business owner but I will deliver a bespoke weekly update service, designed to bring the maximum attention to you, your product and help you achieve market penetration without the need for costly advertising campaigns.

The Foundation Facebook offer would contain weekly updates and special interest posts for €50 a month. This would extend into the realms of Twitter, Pinterest and other social media domains where your customers enjoy their online time.

As each bespoke campaign will be tailored to the specific client, I am offering the service as an exclusive one and can guarantee that your precious free time will no longer be bogged down with intermittent and unrelated posts on Facebook. Rather you will have a strong, interesting and integrated presence on social media.

For further information, I can be contacted below.





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