All Ireland Hurling and Football Qualifying Matches Marketing Opportunity



This Saturday, Mullingar will play host to the All Ireland Hurling and Football Qualifying Phase 1 Matches, Westmeath v Fermanagh and Westmeath v Waterford in Cusack Park at 3pm and 5pm respectively. With both of our county GAA teams in competition on Saturday next, these high profile games will attract 2000 additional visitors to our town and is an excellent opportunity for local retailers to act on and benefit from increased business. To actively promote this event and show our support for our local sportsmen, we are calling on local retailers to put up any banners and flags they might have to support both our home teams on this unique occasion. Additionally, we would encourage retailers to avail of this opportunity by running promotional offers, reduced rates and discounted services to make the most of the arrival of these dedicated GAA supporters.

We sincerely hope that you will join with us to embrace the potential of this marketing opportunity, and to put Mullingar on the map as a fantastic tourist destination to the wider public.  So dig out those county colours and get behind our home teams in what promises to be an exhilerating match day for all involved!


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