Draft Litter Management Plan 2014 – 2016

draftLitterManagmentPlan680x623Under Section 10 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 each Local Authority is required to develop and implement a Litter Management Plan for its functional area.  Westmeath County Council made its first Litter Management Plan in 1998 and this plan is to cover the period 2014 – 2016 for the functional areas of Westmeath Local Authorities.

In preparation of this draft plan Westmeath Local Authorities had regard to the guidelines laid down in the Act.  The legislation prescribes specific minimum components of a Plan including:

Information on existing litter prevention and control activities currently being implemented by the Local Authority;

  • The policies and objectives of the Local Authority in relation to the prevention and control of litter and setting appropriate targets for the period of the plan;
  • Measures to encourage public awareness including educational and information measures;
  • The appraisal of existing litter prevention & control programmes;
  • Details of the facilities at which waste may be deposited ;
  • The steps to be taken to enforce the provisions of the act;

In preparing a Litter Management Plan the Local Authority is obliged to consult with other sectors, such as the public, local community groups, elected representatives and the business sector, before a plan is adopted by the elected members.

This plan outlines the objectives of Westmeath Local Authorities to prevent and control litter and sets out the Implementation Plan on how it will do this. The main measures of the Implementation Plan are:

  • To prevent and control litter through education & awareness
  • Provision of Waste Facilities
  • Management of Litter
  • Enforcement.

Under each of the above headings, the actions to be undertaken to meet the objectives of the plan are set out.

This plan appraises the existing litter prevention and control measures under the following headings:

  • Community involvement
  • Education & awareness
  • Litter measurement

The plan sets out Westmeath Local Authorities’ Waste Facilities, their locations and contact details. It also includes copies of the street sweeping schedule for the county in the appendices.

Attached is the draft outline DraftLitterManagementPlan2014-2016


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