Christmas Magic in Mullingar

Santa arrived in Mullingar on Friday to help dispel the grey rain and fill the streets with glittering light:

“It didn’t matter that the rain was spilling out of the heavens all day, hundreds of families arrived with young children to meet Santa on Friday. It was great to see them out and the pure excitement when the fire tender arrived was just a lovely thing to be a part of,” said Angie Daly, Mullingar Chamber CEO.

Santa was in town checking his route through the Midlands for Christmas Eve and to chat to our brave firemen about the chimneys in the area.

“Switching on the Christmas Lights is a really symbolic thing. It is pushing back the darkness of winter and being hopeful for the season. For our many shopkeepers it is a beacon for one of their busiest trading times. This year and the last number of years has been challenging for the town and I hope that the same support that people showed on Friday extends for the next few weeks and that people choose Mullingar as the place for all their Christmas shopping,” said Angie.

Mullingar Chamber’s staff braved the winter rain with the courageous Christmas Jumpers, so bright the rain was hopping of them. The damp evening was also coloured in by the Panto Crew, who arrived into the Square hot on Santa’s heels including clowns, stilt walkers and of course, the gorgeous Panto Dames.

“Switching on the Lights in Mullingar is part of a wider message that the town is Christmas ready. The importance of shopping locally cannot be understated. It provides employment and self employment. It saves time and petrol to shop locally rather than travel out. Shopping locally retains the business community here, keeping at the heart of our town much needed shops and services,” explains Angie.

“Mullingar has great choice and a distinctive variety of boutiques and gift shops. These independent shops provide a unique shopping experience and the stock they carry is really beautiful.

I also have to say, these shops and businesses are the same shops and businesses that year round are supporting the communities they are in donating to school events, table quizzes fashion shows and charity auctions.”



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