Heart Of Ireland Festival


The Heart of Ireland Festival is a new international arts festival based in Mullingar, in the Heart of Ireland.

The first festival will take place on the 11th / 12th July 2015 with the intention to become a 5 day festival over the coming years.  There are two facets to the festival:

1.The Heart Of Ireland Competition:

A celebration of Irish hearts from around the World. How does the competition work? Adopting an operational framework like a popular festival in Tralee; there will be centres throughout Ireland and around the World. Entry is open to men and women, 50+ years, living in Ireland or a member of the Irish Diaspora. The tricolor (of green, white and gold) and the shamrock (composed of three hearts) combine to create the mechanic. At the centres, all nominees will receive green hearts, centre winners will be awarded white hearts, and then in Mullingar during the Heart of Ireland Festival and after ‘Late Late Show’ style interviews, from the white hearts we will select The Heart of Gold: not a saint, but a strong character who possesses a generosity of spirit, a gift for storytelling and a love for life.

2. The Arts Festival:

To ensure that the festival becomes an annual success, entertaining festival-goers of all generations, there’s an arts festival, but with a twist. The streets of Mullingar will become a timeline from one end of the town to the other; starting with the 1920s bedecked in the style of a vintage country fair with traditional Irish music, street theatre and storytelling sessions. As you wander, travel through time and genres to the jazz band and our open-air cinema, screening black and white movies. Next up it’s the rock ‘n’ roll movement of 60’s, followed by 80’s pop and on to today where the 21st century is in full swing.

The Arts Festival is a 100 year timeline; a window back in time, capturing the Ireland passed on to our Diaspora by their ancestors. Our insight: the concentration and flavour of ‘Irishness’ depends on when their emigrant ancestors left our shores. Our Arts Festival will allow people to reconnect where their family left off and thereafter experience Irish culture, post and past. This will also be the experience for those of us lucky enough to still inhabit our island.

For further information you can visit their website at http://www.heartofireland.ie/.



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