Migraine Information Event


Migraine Information Event
Tuesday September 15 th 2015

Migraine has been found to have a greater impact of quality of life than conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Migraine is more than just a headache. It is a complex, attacking neurological condition. With attacks lasting anything from a couple of hours to perhaps three days, migraine can have a major debilitating effect on those living with it. 500,000 people in Ireland live with migraine. Migraine peaks in women in their 40’s and up to 50% of women of this age may actually be living with the condition.

An Insight From Our Last Event:

Whelehans Pharmacy in association with Migraine Association of Ireland hosted a major Migraine Information event in June in Mullingar. At the event, interesting points made by Consultant Neurologist Dr Ruttledge is that over “90% of chronic headaches are actually migraine and that more often than not people who experience what they call ‘tension headeacheheadaches’ are actually experiencing migraine”. He explained that “Migraine is massively under diagnosed and if more people realised that their daily headaches are actually migraine, more could be done to minimise them”. Dr Ruttledge reckons 50% of people living with migraine go on to experience a phenomenon called ‘migraine overuse headache’ whereby the painkillers they take actually exacerbate headaches due to overuse. Pharmacist Eamonn Brady also touched on this issue and both discussed how you prevent this problem (eg) if using painkillers more than 4 to 6 days per month then you need to consider other options such as preventive medication. Nutritionist from Whelehans Pharmacy Aisling Murray explained that “migraineurs wrongly blame foods as triggers; this is because the ‘pre-migraine’ attack phase can cause a strong craving for certain foods leading to people wrongly believing these foods are causes of migraine”. Aisling explained “this can mean that on occasions, those living with migraine are missing out on foods that they once enjoyed or foods that are nutritionally beneficial due to the incorrect belief they are triggers”.

Upcoming Migraine Information Event:

Learning more about the condition and how to better manage it is one of the best steps anyone with migraine can take. With this in mind, Whelehans Pharmacy in conjunction with Migraine Association of Ireland is hosting a Migraine Information Event on Tuesday the 15th September from12 pm to 2 pm in Whelehans Pharmacy. Staff from Migraine Association and Whelehans Pharmacy will be on hand to provide information and answer your questions.  The event has three main aims: to provide Information, Support  and Reassurance about your condition. While you can simply call in on the day between 12pm and 2pm; due to the popularity of these events we advise registering in advance by calling Whelehans Pharmacy at 04493 34591. This event is free of charge to attend.

Migraine Ireland Helpline is 1850 200 378 (ROI) or 0844 826 9323 or Email info@migraine.ie. Expert information at www.migraine.ie

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