Roundabout Opportunity in 2016

Chamber President Brigid Manley

Chamber President Brigid Manley

Mullingar Chamber President calls for local business community to prepare now for roundabout opportunity in 2016.

“Roundabouts in Mullingar have a significant traffic flow every day, so they do represent a cost effective way for businesses to send a message to their existing and potential customers. The scheme to sponsor roundabouts that the council advertised from 23rd October 2013 to 22ndNovember 2013  should have been a win-win for our business community and our local authority. It was a chance to enhance the area, enhance environments for local residents build confidence and good will in our businesses culture and advertise in an innovative way,” said Brigid Manley, Mullingar Chamber President.

Brigid was speaking this week following lengthy discussion with Westmeath County Council on how to improve the process for roundabout sponsorship and find a way for local businesses to be happy about the scheme and participate.

“After discussions with the council where we talked about how unhappy the Mullingar business community was to hear Athlone businesses would feature on the roundabouts, it is clear that while proper procedure was followed in 2013 that perhaps the importance of the opportunity was something that needed to be more clearly and directly presented. There may have also been a cost issue for many smaller businesses as the minimum cost was around the 1,000 euro mark and as a Chamber our role will be to look at the barriers that businesses face when presented with an opportunity like this and find solutions. Perhaps the key, when this opportunity comes around again is to put together a joint proposal, where iconic roundabouts are targeted by a number of businesses working co-operatively and an innovative advertising proposal is put forward to win the tender. ”

“There are many examples in the UK and Europe of incredible roundabout schemes that support not just the business community but allow the business community to support the whole community. For example wildlife sanctuaries for birds and bees, native planting, using the advertising opportunity to provide a place for schools and community groups to also advertise their events. It has great potential and as the current scheme is only in place for the next 11 months, I think we should work towards putting together a great game plan in readiness for the  review of the scheme by the Economic Development & Community SPC. ”

Mullingar Chamber meet nearly weekly with the council to build effective strategies for the business community and Brigid hopes that anyone who would like to sponsor a roundabout will get in touch with the chamber and work towards a gameplan for 2016:

“So, I would call out to anyone who wants to be part of this scheme to come into us and we will get a great proposal together that benefits everyone.”

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