First Polymer Training Skillnet — October Courses 2015


First Polymer Training Skillnet October Courses


DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS (DOE) OR EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN:Is the design of any information-gathering exercises where variation is present, whether under the full control of the experimenter or not. However, in statistics, these terms are usually used for controlled experiments. Formal planned experimentation is often used in evaluating physical objects, chemical formulations, structures, components, and materials.

In the design of experiments, the experimenter is often interested in the effect of some process or intervention (the “treatment”) on some objects (the “experimental units”), which may be people, parts of people, groups of people, plants, animals, etc. Design of experiments is thus a discipline that has very broad application across all the natural and social sciences and engineering.
This course is running on the 1st – 2nd October 2015.    

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CHANGE IS ON THE WAY TO ISO 9001: Customers needs keep evolving so for organizations to be successful they need to quickly adapt to those needs. With this in mind ISO9001:2015 was updated to address the changes in the business environment that businesses now operate within. The ISO organization released the results of their survey of certificates in 2012 highlighting that over one million certificates for ISO 9001 have now been issued globally – proving that the standard remains in high demand for organizations. Accredited organizations feel the standard helps them to become a more competitive in the marketplace and with a strong focus on quality management, allows them to meet the ever changing needs of customers.
This course is running on the 16th October 2015.

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INTRODUCTION TO LEAN: Lean thinking is an approach to customer satisfaction and workplace organisation that increases market share through superior customer satisfaction. In a lean organisation, employees seek to continuously make shorter, simpler and safer the processes that deliver value to customers.
This course is running on the 23rd October 2015.

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