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Townapps is a mobile App development company and is proudly working to provide a powerful modern communications tool to counties and towns. Since its foundation, Townapps recognises that coping with the rapid pace of change in technology and how information is now accessed, can present daunting challenges to Councils, Towns, Chambers of Commerce and Tourism groups. By developing a ‘turn key’ solution, Townapps has resolved those challenges, allowing for a smooth path to up-to-the minute technology, without the need for cash strapped bodies to wrestle with the limitations of scarce funding.

Location information already in the public domain is available for access that in turn, would allow ease for populating the various sections that Townapps provide in its App. Listings such as businesses, public services, schools, libraries, police stations, health facilities etc. are usually already residing in an existing database and if provided in a software version, can be readily imported.phone_town_maps

As we all know, reaching the highly mobile, tech savvy and demanding consumer requires adopting the technology that those consumers are employing. More and more, Smartphones and tablet devices are the source of information and communications. This is particularly the case when a consumer is away from their home, be they local or a visitor in the area.

By providing an App, that is free to download, in both Apple iOS and Android, Townapps is catering to over 95% of mobile device users. Townapps has adopted, what is known as White Labeling. This means that Townapps develops that App, manages the code, and updates the code as new versions are released by Apple and Google, ensuring that the App is kept current and functioning at its potential. Under the White Label model, Townapps licenses the App to the Council, Chamber or other organisation. The App then appears under their logo and carries their contact information etc. Townapps credits itself as the Developer in a small section of the App.

The app has its own built-in offers and deals system, which connects business with consumers.

A key feature is a user-based event entry option under the What’s On feature. This allows local groups to freely promote their events. For many organisations, be it the Drama Group, Sports Club or Church, having free access to publicise events offers a tremendous service.  Where to Eat, Shop, Stay, What’s On, along with the Weather and Local News are all included.

The printing of promotional leaflets continues to be very expensive and have limited space for providing information. Often, many pamphlets are needed to cover the range of offerings and services provided. With Townapps, editing or updating of any and all of the local information contained in the App is easily completed. Likewise, business advertisements are always on display to the consumer. By utilizing this App, and being mindful of environmental concerns by reducing the amount of actual paper and associated costs, one can still provide current local and relevant information using this leading edge technology.

With Mullingar a thriving business, tourist and shopping area, this app will help locals and visitors find any of the many businesses in Mullingar

This app, in certain circumstances, can incorporate feeds from external sources, such as RSS feeds and websites.

We have produced a short video that illustrates the App. See

Our website also provides information on partnership opportunities, which provide a quality framework allowing you to generate revenue from the App. See

You can download any of our Apps (Galway, LoVE East Sussex, Fishguard) and sample the look and feel that each provides. A search for Townapps in Apple or Android, will display a comprehensive portfolio. Townapps, currently has 84 Apps for locations in the U.K. Ireland, Canada and USA.

Download brochure here: Brochure Ireland Town Maps.





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