Mullingar Chamber Shopping Vouchers Record Year!

You cannot unVouchers 2derestimate the effect that choices we make has on our local economy. Every Euro we spend locally has a multiplier effect in our community that benefits us and the local economy. We need to support and value our local shops and businesses as much as possible. The temptation to travel further afield for perceived savings may be there in many people’s minds but Mullingar Chamber believe that these so-called savings are not beneficial for our town where we all live and work.The importance of encouraging local spend is fully supported by Mullingar  Businesses  who have sponsored this project. Their support has enabled us to produce beautifully designed vouchers in denominations of €10, €20 & € 50.

The perfect Christmas present for family and friends while allowing them the freedom to choose where and what they buy. Take a walk around Mullingar  and you will find everything you could want from a High Street.

This year we have kept a “Whopping” €160, 000 in the locality this is worth over €500,000 to the local economy according to Retail Ireland research. Thanks is due to Angie Daly and her team in the Chamber office,  we look forward to meeting all of you when you redeem your vouchers in the new year. The office opens again on the 4th Jan 2016 I wish all of you a happy and prosperous new year.

Vouchers 3 Vouchers 4 Vouchers 1Vouchers 4a

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