IGRO Workshop

An introductory workshop. LEADERS, MANAGERS AND FUTURE MANAGERS. Learning about working relationships for organisational performance

Venue: Mullinagar Park Hotel
Times: 9.00am – 5.00pm
Date: 17th February
Fee: €135 per person

Workshop Facilitators:
Frances Heery: B.A., M.A., M.Sc., is a Leadership Coach, Organisational Analyst, Group Facilitator, Psychotherapist Supervisor, and Teacher. She currently works with groups and teams from public sector organisations and with people in various roles of responsibility as a consultant and coach. Valerie Preston: M.S.c., is a Group Analytic Psychotherapist, Organisational Consultant and Group Facilitator. She works with public and private sector organisations in the areas of health, education and local government. She is a member of IGRO, ICP, and IGAS.

Irish Group Relations Organisation: IGRO
Irish Group Relations Organisation (IGRO) is a not-for-profit organisation comprised of a group of professional volunteers. As members of IGRO, we practice and are committed to furthering Group Relations in Ireland, as a conceptual framework and as a methodology for understanding and learning about group dynamics. We believe in the power and potency of Group Relations as a way of thinking about and understanding how groups function, interact and behave, both consciously and unconsciously. We recognise that Group Relations provides us with an alternative, imaginative and courageous lens for understanding our experiences as members of various groups, be they families, committees, organisations, institutions or communities. Rather uniquely, and in the Tavistock tradition, Group Relations facilitates a psychoanalytic and systemic exploration of groups, which often results in a depth of learning and insight that cannot always be accessed by more ‘conventional’ ways of working and thinking.

Purpose of Workshop:
The purpose of the workshop is to underline the importance of good working relationships in the achieving of optimum individual and team effectiveness. Such relationships, leading thinkers in the field believe, are created by an understanding of not only the rational, but more often, the irrational factors and forces that continuously interweave in organisational and team life.

This short course aims to introduce different ways of understanding the interconnectedness of the rational and irrational, the tangible and the intangible on work performance. It is designed as an experiential learning event, based on theories and practices drawn from psychodynamic, systemic and group relations disciplines. The workshop therefore will provide a space for participants • To engage with issues occurring above and below the surface that enable and disable workplace performance • To discover deep personal insights into the role you play at work as an individual and as a team member. • To apply the learning to real work challenges

Who should attend?
Leaders and Managers wishing to make a difference in the workplace and those wanting to create a more humane working environment where individual and team creativity can flourish. This will challenge participants: • To become more aware of their own mental frameworks, mindsets, and behaviors related to their exercise of authority and leadership. • To change ways of seeing things that contribute to rigid thinking patterns, and review behaviors that foster powerlessness, fragmentation, and a sense of alienation in the working environment. • To gain a better understanding of the factors and forces shaping the dynamics within the workplace or organisational system – including those which are obvious and conscious as well as those that are less obvious and less conscious

Potential Outcomes:
Since each person is unique, so will the meaning and learning taken from this workshop. It will activate thoughts, emotions and memories that potentially lead to a different understanding of how we behave in our various leadership roles and responsibilities. To gain maximum benefit from this workshop, those who participate in it are encouraged to be open to the discovery of new ways of seeing things and to applying the learning to their particular work situation.

For more information about IGRO, please visit igro.ie

Or for a PDF version of the IGRO workshop notice, click here



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