Mullingar Chamber Launches Newly Re Designed website

On Thursday 27th of April, the Mullingar Community came together in Market House to celebrate the launch of the new Brought to you by the people of Mullingar the website was developed by Mullingar Chamber in conjunction with Westmeath County Council as part of the service level agreement to market Mullingar.

The redesigned website has a clean uncluttered design, improved functionality and enhanced rich content focused on Mullingar and all it has to offer. Supported through social media the website showcases everything which is great about Mullingar in order to attract visitors and businesses to the town.

All of the key representatives speaking at the event recognised the hard work that was achieved by the first group of and thanked them for making the redesign possible and look forward to working together to promote Mullingar town.

John Shaw, Mullingar Mayor

“This is a joint initiative with the Council and the Mullingar Chamber and the council certainly are delighted to support this and look forward to the Chamber taking permanent residency in Market House. It is a massive step forward for the town.

The website is down to the people of Mullingar, to promote it as best we can. It’s a website that needs information and content and it’s up to each and every one of us to put our events forward and make people aware of what’s happening in Mullingar. I’m sure this town certainly can go from stride to stride.”

Robert Troy, TD

One line taken from another event today, ‘only mistakes in life are the ones we learn nothing from’ and we had a in the past and it has to be acknowledged collectively we didn’t support it. Here is a very good, positive initiative that we all have to support and collectively work together to support the initiatives that the Town Team and the Chamber are doing to support the business in Mullingar because without our support, without our promotion they won’t work. I am delighted to work with the Mullingar Chamber and business community together with our colleagues in Westmeath County Council and in the Oireachtas, that’s our job. We look forward to working with you for many years to come, to support you in your challenges to ensure Mullingar is a good town to live in and do business.” 

Brendan Kenny, BK Marketing

“What we are trying to achieve with the site is to create a culture of engagement by harnessing what Mullingar has to offer which is a genuine culture of community. Mullingar does have everything that you want in a town to live, bring up your family and run a business. It’s time Mullingar stood up and let its voice be heard and showcase itself. It is up to us all to convey what Mullingar has and I will be chasing businesses and individuals to engage with the site on an ongoing basis, give us content, keep it fresh and ultimately create a culture where people are consistently sending us information.”

Brigid Manley, President Mullingar Chamber

“We are excited about the redesign of and the robust information it provides for the people of Mullingar, visitors, potential investors to the businesses of Mullingar. I encourage everyone to get online, explore  the site. It’s up to you that your business is listed. Get a feel for the site, put up your events, offers and let’s make it work for us. We believe this new site will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our Market presence for the town of Mullingar.  

Mullingar is a truly unique place to live, work and visit, with something for everyone and it is up to us as a community to promote it as best we can through

Visit for more information or contact the Mullingar Chamber of Commerce.

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