Midlands regional film project for teenagers with Diabetes

Helium Arts LogoThere are an estimated 3,000 teenagers in Ireland with Type 1 Diabetes. Many experience loneliness and sadness when faced with living a life with illness. 

Helium Arts’ film-making project creates space for these teenagers to make friends and have fun while developing personal and creative skills to last a lifetime.  Our artists ignite their creative passions, fire hidden talents, and provide a springboard for ill children to imagine a new positive sense of self without limitations. 

“I’ve kind of learnt you don’t have to be just one person. You could be anything.” – Teenager participating in Helium Arts’ programme

Help Change Lives

Helium Arts, the national children’s arts and health charity based in Mullingar, is currently developing a Midlands regional film project for teenagers with Diabetes in partnership with national and local health organisations. 

Helium Arts is working to raise the needed funds to run film-making workshops in 2018, with a view to producing a national film camp in 2019 in Westmeath. This creative project will provide a much-needed place for teens living with illness to support their well-being, creating positive experiences and long-lasting memories. 

With your contribution, more young people will have fun with new friends and achieve huge satisfaction of seeing their ideas generated onto ‘the big screen’.  On top of this, they will be learning all-important creative and life skills.  

How to get involved

Helium Arts is coordinating a series of events in November and December and we are looking for volunteers and people to come along and join in the fun! 

  • Bag Pack in Buckley’s Supervalu November 25th, Saturday
  • Coffee Morning in Jungle Joes, November 30th, Thursday (to be confirmed)
  • Christmas Stall at Mullingar Christmas Market, December 10th, Sunday

Your participation will make it possible for more children living with the long-term effects of illness to connect with artists to inspire them for life.

One child who lives with Epilepsy said recently that he learned “how to make films and how to make friends” at Helium Arts’ latest film camp.  Helium Arts’ artistic director and CEO Helene Hugel says, “We are working with more teenagers than ever this year and we need to give them more access to creative mentors and equipment.  Many of these teens struggle with loneliness because they miss out on normal time to make friends. They also feel so different and are scared to get close to peers for fear of bullying.  That’s why Helium Arts is here!  We are their ‘tribe’ as another teen on the programme called us.”

Your gift of time or resources contributes to these young people’s development of personal skills, creating positive experiences and happy memories which will last a lifetime.

“I’ve kind of learnt you don’t have to be just one person. You could be anything.” – Teenager participating in Helium Arts’ hospital programme.

Helium Arts would most appreciate anyone who might be free and can spare some time, or indeed would like to contribute in any other way to get in touch with Helene Hugel (helene@helium.ie or phone 0449396960)

Let’s help these kids’ creativity shine!


To find out more about Helium Arts please visit their website here. Or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.











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