Irish Manufacturing Research announces 100 Jobs for the Midlands as Minister Humphreys confirms over €2,000,000 funding from first Regional Enterprise Development Fund

One hundred jobs will be created by Irish Manufacturing Research over the next three years as a direct result of approval of over €2,000,000 for projects in the Midlands, by Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation, Heather Humphreys T.D. She announced the results of the first round of the new €60m competitive Regional Enterprise Development Fund this afternoon at the offices of Irish Manufacturing Research in Mullingar, where twenty-one successful applicants representing all regions of the country secured up to €30.5m for their projects in the first competitive call.

The positions will include Hi-Tech jobs in the Irish Manufacturing Research Lab in the areas of Robotics, Systems Engineering, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Construction, with further jobs in Regional and National partner companies over the next three years.

The Fund, which is an open national competitive call to support regional projects, is provided by the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation, through Enterprise Ireland and is a key action to support the Regional Action Plan for Jobs and the Action Plan for Rural Development. 

Announcing the successful Regional Enterprise Development Fund applicants at Irish Manufacturing Research in Mullingar, Minister Humphreys said: “In this year’s Action Plan for Jobs, we made the decision to place a specific focus on strengthening the rural and regional economy. To stimulate regional growth as we move towards 2020, we announced a €60 million competitive Regional Enterprise Development Fund over two calls.

“Our aim was to provide financial support for organisations set up specifically to bring together stakeholders on projects that will benefit the local community, the region or nationally. The successful applicants include an exciting range of projects which will develop strong entrepreneurial or innovation ecosystems, encourage clusters of similar businesses, or develop specific sectors where there is the potential for competitive advantage.

“Twenty-one collaborative projects from all over the country will receive an offer of €30.5 million investment by Government and I am delighted to announce that the Irish Manufacturing Research group here in Mullingar is one of the projects which has received an offer of funding. This Fund allows us to support the Regional Action Plan for Jobs, helping to drive growth in key sectors or geographies across the country, particularly in the context of Brexit. We are backing local and regional stakeholders to drive the future of their own communities by supporting their innovative proposals which will help to deliver job creation and sustainable employment.”

Barry Kennedy, Chief Executive Officer of Irish Manufacturing Research said, “We are delighted to have been awarded this significant regional investment and as a result, to announce these jobs for the region today. This research capability will deliver real impact for industry both regionally and nationally. The funding will also have an important social impact, for example, in supporting the development of technologies to enable people with conditions such as autism or physical disabilities engage successfully in the workplace. As a group of manufacturing researchers, this is an initiative that we are proud to be part of.”

The projects delivered by Irish Manufacturing Research will be in partnership with Industry leaders such as Kuka Robotics, Pilz, VR First, Microsoft and the National Cobotics Steering Group partners, along with its close Academic Partners from I-FORM, UCD Smartlabs and An Saol Foundation. 

The two Million which has been approved for projects in the eastern and Midlands region is subject to grant conditions.

Details of the Regional Enterprise Development Fund are available on Enterprise Ireland’s website here.











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