Mullingar host ATCM & Purple Flag Regional Meeting

The Mullingar Chamber hosted the ATCM and Purple Flag Regional Meeting in Market House on Wednesday April 25th. The meeting was well attended with representatives from Councils, Purple Flag coordinators and assessors, Town Teams and BID’s. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to learn what is happening in town centres across Ireland, in particular with a focus on evening and night time economy. With a number of highlights across the table such as Public Realm Enhancement, deployment of CCTV, investments in free WIFI, public safety campaigns and Tourism strategies. 

Nuala-Anne Curley, Office Manager Mullingar Chamber “We were delighted to host this meeting in Market House with some great insights and learnings from representatives throughout Ireland. Mullingar retained the Purple Flag in September 2017 and we look forward to building on our strong Evening and Night Time Economy (ENTE) strategy with the continued support of ongoing partnerships and engagement activities with all key stakeholders”.

Brigid Manley, Vice President Mullingar Chamber says “One of Purple Flag’s key philosophies is collaboration within one’s town or city and this meeting sees all the main stakeholder groups from various cities and towns throughout Ireland and the UK working closely together. Under the auspices of the Purple Flag, local stakeholders are working to promote the evening & night-time economy as a lever of economic and social prosperity for Mullingar we look forward to the many opportunities to work together in the future”

About Purple Flag

Since 2007, the programme has awarded the Purple Flag status to over 70 towns and cities in the UK and Ireland for town centres that meet or surpass the standards of excellence in managing the evening and night-time economy.  The Purple Flag programme is managed by the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) which works alongside a partnership of key stakeholder groups backed by Government, police and businesses.






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