Breast Cancer Awareness Day – Whelehans Pharmacy

Rachel Fitzgerald-Feeley and Juliette O’Connell (Breast Cancer Ireland representatives)Awareness Saves Lives

Following a variety of “pink” activities throughout October Whelehans indicating support for “Pink October”, Whelehans held a Breast Cancer Awareness Breast day on Wednesday 31st October at Whelehans Pharmacy, Pearse St. 

Breast Cancer Ireland representatives, Rachel Fitzgerald-Feeley and Juliette O’Connell, themselves both breast cancer survivors, hosted a Breast Cancer Ireland “pop-up” advice centre. On hand from 11am to 3pm, they passed on a wealth of knowledge and advice to Whelehans customers. Their message for the day was simple, “Awareness Saves Lives”, a statement born out by the increasing Breast Cancer survival rates in Ireland (now 85%) along with the increase in cases diagnosed.  To support this, Rachel and Juliette were able to demonstrate on a specialised mannequin on how to conduct a breast self-examination.

They also introduced the Breast Cancer Ireland app which is packed full of vital information. The app contains a video on how to perform self-checks, a monthly alert to your phone and advice on signs and symptoms to be aware of. The app is available via Android and Apple platforms.

Breast Cancer Ireland advocates their approach to Breast Cancer as “trying to transform it from often being a fatal disease to an illness that’s treatable long term”. Building the awareness nationally, on easy to share platforms and media underpinned by field support events with Outreach staff as dedicated as Rachel and Juliette can only help to decrease mortality rates even further in the future.

Denise Kelly (Whelehans Pharmacy Pearse St), Tricia McGrath (Breast Cancer service adviser from LARCC Cancer Support Centre; Teresa Maguire (Whelehans Pharmacy Pearse St)In addition to Breast Cancer Ireland, we had Tricia McGrath, Breast Cancer service adviser from LARCC Cancer Support Centre in Multyfarnham on site from 1pm to 3pm.  Tricia was able to offer information and advice on the services LARCC offer relating to Breast Cancer post-surgery management and prosthetic fitting, with a variety of different fittings and styles on display

If you need further information or advice be sure to check the excellent online support and resources available online at for BCI and for LARCC.

Whelehans would like to thank Rachel, Juliette and Tricia for their time and dedication in helping make the day such a success and for providing such comprehensive and trustworthy advice, another step towards building awareness and knowledge locally of the huge benefits of regular self-examination and early diagnosis.






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