EU Single-Use Plastics Directive Approved by Council

On the 21st May, the European Council adopted the ambitious directive which introduces new restrictions on certain single-use plastic products.

This Directive is part of the EU’s plastic strategy and builds on existing waste legislation but further expands on stricter rules for products and packaging that belong to this cohort of specific plastics. This will see a ban top ten single-use plastic items that account for 70% of the marine litter’s items. These items will include straws, cotton buds, balloon sticks, and disposable cutlery to name a few.

Member States under EU law will have 2 years to transpose this directive after the date of entry into force. Therefore, 2021 is set to be the year that sees a  ban on single-use plastic across the EU Member States.

As single-use plastics is apart of business everyday life, updates on how this directive will be provided as new information develops. 

To find more information about the directive, click here.

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