*Important Information* Data Protection Commission cookies sweep & Guidance Note

We have recently received important notices from Chambers Ireland giving Guidance on cookies and other tracking technologies, to share with our members.

This guidance was prepared following a cookies sweep exercise conducted between August 2019 and December 2019 in relation to approximately 40 data controllers across a range of sectors. The report of that sweep exercise is also attached.

Organisations are required to examine their practices with the use of cookies and other tracking technologies, taking account of the DPC’s new guidance, and, where they identify any areas of non-compliance, to bring them into compliance by 5 October 2020.

Any organisation that does not achieve compliance within that timeframe will likely face enforcement proceedings that will be taken by the DPC.

Please find all documents to be reviewed below as well as correspondence from the DPC addressed to the Chief Executive, Ian Talbot, with further info.

Data Protection Commission cookies sweep 15 April 2020

Guidance note on cookies and other tracking technologies

Letter to Chambers Ireland re DPC cookies sweep and guidance note 8 May 2020

Should you have any queries on this issue, please contact the DPC directly – click here for their contact details.

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