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in conjunction with the Purple Flag month we would like to remind the business of Mullingar and public members of Mullingar about the “Ask for Angela” campaign which was launched in 2018.

About Ask for Angela

  • ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign which was launched by Waterford and has been launched in many other counties in Ireland over the recent years.
  • This is an innovative campaign enabling those who feel vulnerable in evening and night time economy to use the code words to gain assistance from staff.
  • They will be taken aside, or to a safer location, so they can speak in confidence to that staff member about what assistance they need.
  • Options available to staff include offering to call a taxi for the individual or contacting their friends or family.
  • The scheme is neither gender nor age specific and is available at participating bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and evening and night time venues throughout Mullingar.

A concerning and worrying picture has emerged of the situations people, particularly women, face when travelling alone after dark. Over 2,700 respondents from across Ireland have given their experiences and views on walking alone at night, as part of a recent Irish survey.

When asked ‘Generally, do you feel safe walking home alone after dark’, 87% said no.

13% of women say they have been attacked after dark, with 60% saying they have been verbally harassed

More than one in three (36%) of women say they have been followed while walking home.

The below links are for information on how to “Ask for Angela” and advice for staff at late night venues.

Ask for Angela Poster

Ask for Angela venue