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Mullingar Purple Flag


The Purple Flag is an International Quality Standard of evening and night time facilities and services in all matters of entertainment, food and beverages, shopping and retail attractions, transport, public utilities, town management and public safety management. Mullingar is 1 of 14 towns in Ireland to received this accreditation. We are hoping 2021 will bring us our 3rd flag with pervious been 2019 & 2017.


We are all involved- any shop, bar, restaurant, retail outlet, attraction services or business open or operating in Mullingar town from 5pm-5am as well as any person availing of these options. The initiative is led by Mullingar Chamber and Westmeath County Council.


Mullingar Purple Flag will be judged by independent international expert judges who will be touring Mullingar on assessment duties in the coming months. Westmeath County Council and Mullingar Chamber and Mullingar Purple Flag Committee have also been submitting reports and studies prior to the visit. We are encouraging businesses to get involved in any way they can. All events and activities will be promoted on our Social Media Accounts and you can let us know your plan by email at . We would encourage the use of “purple” which could include a drink, a food, a window dressing, lights, balloons, discount offer / deal. We will make a collage of the Purple Flag presentation at the end of October.


To increase Town Centre footfall: to increase domestic and tourist spending: to lower crime and anti-social behaviour and to improve the night time Town Centre experience

Below is a link to a poster with more information

Purple Flag Poster

Also we would like to remind you about the #AskForAngela campaign that has been running in Mullingar since 2018.

Please ensure your team know of the Ask Angela Campaign and that there are posters available in the bathrooms of your establishment. For poster and guidance for your team on the #AskForAngela Campaign visit

Click here to find out more information on Ask for Angela Campaign here