Town Centre First- A Policy Approach for Irish Towns

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Our Rural Future Outline a vision to support the regeneration and development of rural towns and villages to contribute to local and national economic recovery, and to enable people to live and work in a vibrant environment. The Town Centre First policy is central to this vision. Town Centre First represents a new approach to the development of our towns where local communities and local businesses can be central to reimagining their own towns and planning their own futures. Every town is different. Each town is unique and requires unique solutions to the challenges and opportunities they face. Our Town Centre First policy recognises that diversity and acknowledges that a “one size fits all” approach will not deliver the outcomes we all want for our towns. Our policy sets out a framework to facilitate and resource each town to chart their own future through a tailored plan, developed by a collaborative Town Team, and supported by their Local Authority. It sets out the structures and funding that we will put in place at a national level and at a local level to support our towns to design, deliver and implement a plan that can reimagine each town. A plan that captures their important economic and social role in our society; a plan that recognises the importance of place making; and a plan which delivers vibrant lived-in spaces in the heart of our towns. While it is focussed on our towns, it establishes a framework and principles which can equally be applied to the development of our rural villages.

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