5 Things you should know about Hootsuite

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Hootsuite  is a very useful FREE tool for helping you schedule your posts/stories to your social media accounts all in one place.

This will save time and will allow you to plan and prepare your posts/blogs for the week ahead.

On the Free Plan you will have access to

  • 1 user
  • 2 Social media accounts
  • 5 Scheduled posts

But that’s not all as you can do on the free plan you can make the most out of it by:

  1. Plan your Content

Scheduling your content ahead of time allows you to avoid having to log in every single day to each social media platform in order to post something you would like your followers to see. Presence is key on social media and you can schedule your post around your followers most active times. Tip: to find out when your followers are most active this can be found in your analytics of your social media account.

  1. Social Media Monitoring

Social listening is a really useful tool that is available on Hootsuite, it helps you understand and analyse the competition and trends that is happening at the present times. Not just around your brand but around the industry that you are in.

  1. Mobile App

You can have access to Hootsuite on your mobile by downloading their app from the Play Store/app Store, this is great for when you are working out of the office or on the go and see something you would like to post you don’t have to go looking for your laptop etc you can do your scheduling over the mobile app.

  1. Useful Newsletter

You can sign up to Hootsuite newsletter which is full of interesting information about latest social media trends and how to make the best out of your social media posts to keep followers and gain new followers. Hootsuite also has a useful resource page where you can gain useful knowledge about social media and downloads social media calendar to help you plan your post.

  1. Video Uploads

Hootsuite allows you to upload your video on their free plan when most others scheduling software packages do not allow you to do so on their free plan.