­5 Reasons why you should use Mailchimp for your email marketing

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­5 Reasons why you should use Mailchimp for your email marketing

Email Marketing means engaging with your customers via the use of emails/Newsletters. Sending out regular email newsletters with updates and special offers that you may have. Mailchimp is a free online platform it has become one of the popular apps to use for email marketing.

1. Its Free: You get a subscriber list of 2,000 and a monthly send limit of 12,000 email you can create professional, branded email to engage with your audience.

2. Mobile Friendly templates: Mailchimp is mobile friendly meaning your customers who access their emails via a phone, Tablets or Ipads they will be able to see your email the same as they would on a laptop.  No more pinching or zooming in and out of the email on your phone to read newsletters!
3 Email Testing: Once you got your email looking the way you want it to look the next step is to make sure the links works and that it is looking the way you want it to look. Mailchimp has an email testing tool where you can preview the email what it would look like on desktop and mobile.
4. Create Surveys: Mailchimp allows you to create surveys to help you receive feedback from your customers/target members. You can also use your servery link from Mailchimp to post on your social media so you are reaching customers who you may not have email address for.
5. End of day Report: You will get a report at the end of every email/Newsletter sent out, the report will include how many emails where received, how many opened the email, how many clicks on the email.