Have you applied for a Trading Online Voucher? Grants of up to €2500 to help your business sell online

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Have you applied for a Trading Online Voucher? Grants of up to  €2500 to help your business sell online!


The voucher scheme allows for two vouchers per lifetime of the business so if you have had one previously you are welcome to apply for a second.


Please disregard this email if you have already in the process of submitting a TOV application or have availed of two Trading Online vouchers in the past which would be the max allowable for the scheme.


The Trading Online Voucher is a grant that can fund 50% of third-party costs (to a max of €2,500) towards developing your online selling potential e.g. developing an e-commerce website, a booking system, a digital marketing strategy etc. This grant is available to most micro-enterprises that have been trading at least six months, with 10 or less employees and turnover of less than €2 million.


The link to our online application is below.  Take time to have a careful read of the terms and conditions and to click on the statement (under the section Do you accept the minimum eligibility criteria for this scheme) There are specific business sectors that are ineligible for funding under this scheme. Please click here for a full list of ineligible sectors to ensure that your business had an eligible NACE code before submitting an application.


Apply now!


In order to apply for a Trading Online Voucher, you must attend the mandatory online information seminar on the Trading Online Voucher. If you have already attended one within the last nine months, you can submit an application and we will assess it for approval.


*For a Trading Online Voucher application to be considered complete, you must submit the following (via the online application process):

  • Fully completed and signed and dated application form
  • 3 quotations for the online project you wish to complete. If you cannot obtain three quotes, you must give a written explanation as to why this was not possible, along with documentary evidence of your attempts to get three quotes (e.g. unanswered emails)
  • A note stating which date you attended the mandatory information seminar so we can verify the attendance records


If you have not attended the mandatory webinar within the last 9 months (evidence required), please follow the link below to book a place on an upcoming webinar, ensuring you attend the full training and complete the trainer’s attendance record, which we will be sent as proof:






All applications received are assessed for approval at a rate of 50% funding, to a maximum of €2,500. The value of the grant approved will be based on quotes provided, for example if your chosen quotation if for €2,000 exclusive of VAT, you will be approved a grant of €1,000.


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