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Local Enterprise Week 2024

Local Enterprise Week is organised every year by the 31 Local Enterprise Offices across the country. This year Local Enterprise Week takes place from Monday,


Research has shown that weight-gain is influenced by multiple factors such as environment,
access to healthy and affordable food, physical activity, genetic make-up, and lifestyle. This
preventative campaign will support people to prevent weight gain in their 20s and 30s by
focussing on four pillars – sleep, stress, physical activity and nutrition.

This campaign forms part of a series of initiatives by Healthy Ireland to address overweight and
obesity in the adult population, with this particular element raising awareness of the
heightened risk of developing overweight and obesity as people move through young

The campaign is entirely on social channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok – to
target our key audience of 25 to 34-year-olds


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