TUS Midlands Industry Collaboration Qtrly Meeting Agend

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Quarterly meeting of the TUS:Midlands Industry forum for 2022 is on this coming Friday 28th October at 12.00pm via Zoom.


As you are aware our forum is one where industry and academia collaborate for the betterment of the Midlands region across the areas of Skills Development, Attraction and Lifelong Learning.  Members of the form hold that through active engagement, sharing of knowledge and regular meetings, we will build relationships that will support and contribute to regional development across the Midlands region and beyond. Leading to successful futures for us , our families and the organisations that we all work for.


Once again we have a great range speakers who will inform us on what is happening in the Midlands region and beyond this October. See the agenda below:



Friday 28th October 2022, 12 noon via Zoom (Access details below)


12.00 pm          Welcome Note

– Industry Forum 2022

12.05 pm          TUS – One Year on

Dr Michael Tobin

12.12 pm             Just Transition Fund (JTF) – Update

                        Sarah Morgan, Programme Manager, MREP.

12.20 pm             IBEC Budget update including leveraging the National Training Fund

Meadbh Costello, Policy Executive, IBEC

12.28 pm             Midlands Manufacturing Skills Audit – Results

                                John Costello, Regional Skills Forum Manager

12.36 pm             Springboard+ and HCI – Academic Skills development Sept 2022

                                Mr Seadna Ryan, Head of Department Lifelong Learning, TUS.

12.44 pm             IDA – Midlands Region Update

                                Mr Ken Whitelaw, Regional Manager at IDA Ireland.       

12.54 pm             Industry Forum 2022

– Dates for the Diary

12.58 pm             AOB

Click here for zoom link