Bevcraft Group secures highest ranking of an Irish Company in FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe

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Bevcraft Group secures highest ranking of an Irish
Company in FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe
This is the second year in a row the craft can specialist has made the cut
Mullingar, Ireland | 01 March 2022: Bevcraft Group have for the second time been included in
the annual FT1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe list which was published today by the
Financial Times in partnership with Statista.

The league table ranks the fastest growing companies across Europe according to their growth rate over a four year period and this is the seventh year it has been published. Bevcraft Group are one of just four Irish Companies selected for inclusion in this yearโ€™s list and ranked 183rd across all of Europe. The annual table provides a detailed insight into companies executing high growth strategies across Europe.

Commenting on the inclusion in the list Ciarรกn Gorman, CFO of the Bevcraft Group, said: โ€œBevcraft Group are delighted to be included in the FT1000 list for a second year running along with so many great businesses across Europe and we are particularly excited to feature as the highest ranked Irish company in the list.

The economic environment has become much more challenged over the past year however our international markets continue to deliver robust growth. We now have teams in eight locations across Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Norway serving hundreds of innovative craft beverage producers across Europe with a comprehensive range of canning, digital print, laboratory, distribution and ancillary services.

We are proud of our Irish heritage having built up this business from our hometown of Mullingar to become the #1 craft can business across Europe. We are also delighted to see that two of the four Irish businesses on the list are Mullingar based with Zoosh Digital in 424th position. As part of our growth efforts we travel weekly across Europe and we are forever describing how vibrant the entrepreneurial culture is within Mullingar to anyone who will listen.

We have of course recently completed a merger with Heidrun Tapperi AS of Norway โ€“ a team of equally passionate people. This now positions us for an exciting next chapter of growth as we embark on a shared vision of expanding our reach and technical capability further than ever with continued investment in technology, expertise and capacity.

Our overall mission remains clear โ€“ to deliver the technical solutions and cost effectiveness that the craft beverage market requires to fully embrace infinitely recyclable aluminium packaging as the long term most environmentally and economically sustainable beverage packaging format.

About the Bevcraft Group
The Bevcraft Group is the largest โ€˜craft canโ€™ specialist in Europe having been first established in Ireland in 2016 by Ciarรกn Gorman and Darren Fenton. The Group today has operations across eight locations in Ireland, the UK, Norway and the Netherlands and handles c. 100m cans / annum. Bevcraft provides a range of services including mobile contract canning, can distribution, can decoration, testing, servicing, and training. All services are unbundled so that craft beverage producers can โ€˜pick and mixโ€™ the options that suit them. Typically, services are available on demand, commitment fee.