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Destination Mullingar Meeting 18th July

Destination Mullingar Meeting 18th July 2023 Minutes: As part of their ongoing work on promoting Economic Development, Enterprise and Tourism, Mullingar Chamber hosted the first

ORS Acquires GSP

Building consultants, ORS acquires specialist fire safety consultancy based in Waterford Acquisition follows investment by Erisbeg private equity in ORS in January last ORS, Ireland’s

Three videos are available on Revenue’s home page to assist businesses in availing of the TBESS. The videos cover:
1. How to register to ROS
2. How to register for the TBESS
3. How to claim for the TBESS
You can watch the video at the link below.

Additional information on TBESS is available at
TBESS guidelines
– the Understanding Your Bill guide
– and the TBESS Calculator is available on the webpage at:
Qualifying criteria for eligible businesses (revenue.ie)

Watch Video here