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18th April – Press Release. ATiM DreamBig Programme

Mullingar and its surrounding areas are home to some of the world leading manufacturing companies. They create products and services that change the lives of people in the community and around the world every day.


DreamBig is a new pilot program to inspire, engage and support young people in the Midlands to pursue a career in advanced manufacturing. The DreamBig program, in partnership with ATiM (Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing) Cluster and Engineers Ireland, offered 20 students the opportunity to visit and explore 5 manufacturing companies to learn more about the products and services they create, as well as the people behind them.


The 5-day tour will see students visit and interact at the facilities at Decotek (Collinstown), Robotics & Drives (Mullingar), TEG (Mullingar), Mergon (Castlepollard) and Writech (Mullingar). The program is designed to support companies in Mullingar provide apprenticeships and courses to students in their localities. The program is scheduled to run from May 8th to 12th, 2023, focusing on Mullingar for the pilot year.


Aisling Coleman, Manager at Mullingar Chamber of Commerce stated “This is a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on exposure to advanced manufacturing in world-class companies right here in the midlands” “It will provide a platform for the industries to present their future career aspects”


This industry-driven initiative aims to inspire, engage and support young people to pursue advanced manufacturing as a career. Through the DreamBig program, students will engage in hands-on activities covering Digitalisation, Robotics, Engineering, Automation and Manufacturing – DREAM- and learn about the key skills used in these workplaces. Students will gain knowledge, and be guided in pursuing careers in the Midlands manufacturing sector. The program will also partner with the Engineering Your Future Program with Engineers Ireland to provide additional support and resources for students.


The ultimate goal of this program is to promote the manufacturing and engineering sector in the region as a source of high-value, long-term employment and to create supported (financial and mentorship) career pathways for students aged 15+ in Mullingar.


The DreamBig Initiative is delivered by the ATIM Cluster and is supported by Mullingar Chamber of Commerce, Westmeath County Council, TUS, Midlands Regional Skills, Irish Manufacturing Research, Engineers Ireland, Offaly County Council and AMTCE.


ATIM is a cluster for advanced and sustainable manufacturing funded by Enterprise Ireland, hosted by the Technological University of the Shannon Midlands and Midwest.  Speaking about the program, ATIM Cluster Manager Caitríona Mordan said “this initiative originated from the challenge expressed by industry members to attract talented staff that can help support their future growth and ambition. By working collectively, we have created a programme which goes beyond an outreach programme. It Is coordinated, sustained programme of engagement and support between students, parents and education providers so everyone can reach their full potential’. 



Aisling Nolan, Chief People and Technology Officer, Mergon Group  said ‘ the Dreambig Programme is a really innovative approach to addressing the shortage of young people opting for careers in manufacturing and engineering.  Mergon are delighted to partner with other Midlands based companies and the ATIM cluster to bring this progamme to life.  We are particularly pleased that the programme has attracted so much interest from female students and we look forward seeing it deliver meaningful impact for the manufacturing sector and the students of the Midlands in the future.


Yvonne Concannon, General Manager, Writech Group said:

“Writech are delighted to be part of this new pilot programme. It gives students the opportunity to meet real engineers in Writech and opens up their eyes to the world of engineering and manufacturing. By offering these valuable learning interactions, it’s our hope that not only will we be offering something worthwhile for those already interested in a career in this field, but we’ll also ignite a fresh interest in the industry by involving our young people in a practical and interactive way.  We look forward to attracting and inspiring the Midlands engineers of the future!”

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