Mullingar Chamber Team visit Robotics and Drives

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Robotics and Drives: Empowering Innovation and Transforming Industries in Mullingar

In the heart of Mullingar Business Park, nestled within Forest Park, lies Robotics and Drives, a remarkable company spearheading the advancement of robotics technology. Led by Managing Director Ken McNevin, who has an impressive journey from his electrician roots to working with renowned companies like ABB, Robotics and Drives has grown steadily over the years with the support of his business partners Sharon McNevin and Stephen Nolan. With a recent visit from Mullingar Chamber representatives, the company’s dedication to innovation and commitment to excellence were showcased through their cutting-edge facility and impressive achievements.

Founded in 2005, Robotics and Drives has blossomed into a thriving enterprise, now employing 68 talented individuals. The company initially started as a service-oriented business but has since expanded its operations, becoming a leading provider of bespoke robots and programs. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and adaptability has allowed them to secure projects globally, triumphing over other renowned robotics companies.

The transformative impact of Robotics and Drives’ solutions cannot be understated. Their robots, which handle mundane and repetitive tasks, have revolutionised industries by increasing productivity and maintaining exceptional quality standards. By automating these processes, companies can optimise efficiency and redirect human resources toward more complex and rewarding tasks. Furthermore, the company’s dedication to staff development is evident in its training modules, which they provide to various colleges nationwide.

As pioneers in their field, Robotics and Drives have extended their reach far beyond Irish borders. With recent shipments to countries like America, Japan, and Australia, they continue to deliver their exceptional products globally. Virtual Reality has been instrumental in showcasing their innovative programs to potential customers; however, Ken McNevin emphasises the importance of personal interaction, as they now regularly welcome clients to Mullingar for in-person demonstrations of their remarkable robots and programs.

Recognising that college is not the sole path to success, Robotics and Drives offers various career progression options within the company. These options include apprenticeship programs and hybrid college degrees, combining on-site work experience with classroom education. Their commitment to nurturing talent has earned them accolades, including the Large Business of the Year award at the 2022 Mullingar Chamber Awards.

One of the key strengths of Robotics and Drives lies in their ability to create tailored robots and programs for their diverse clientele. By prioritizing ease of use and customisation, they empower their customers to optimise their operations effortlessly. Through their expertise and dedication to innovation, Robotics and Drives has become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to embrace robotics technology.

Robotics and Drives, under the visionary leadership of Ken, Sharon and Stephen and a dedicated highly skilled team continues to drive the robotics revolution in Mullingar and beyond. With their cutting-edge solutions, commitment to staff development, and remarkable achievements, they have firmly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the robotics industry. As they expand their facilities and explore new horizons, the future holds endless possibilities for Robotics and Drives, with innovation at the core of their journey. If you are a member and would like our team to visit your company please email Aisling at