Betterplants- Mullingar-based firm with liquid seaweed extract for farmers signs new deal

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Betterplants – a seaweed company owned by Ollie Greene, has signed a contract with a prominent firm in the Netherlands to supply organic liquid seaweed fertilisers and seaweed animal supplements.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for Betterplants, as the Dutch company has been trialling their products for the past year.


The contract with the Dutch company represents a growth opportunity for Betterplants, enabling them to “further penetrate” the European market and solidify their position as a trusted provider of high-quality seaweed products.

Betterplants, as previously featured on, is a Mullingar-based seaweed company dedicated to harnessing the power of seaweed for the benefit of agriculture and gardening.

The company specialises in organic liquid seaweed fertilisers and seaweed animal supplements, offering effective and sustainable solutions for plant and livestock health.

Ollie Greene, the owner of Betterplants, said:

“This is a great boost for our company. We are already exporting a substantial amount of seaweed to Denmark and the UK.”

“Securing this contract with a leading company in the Netherlands affirms the effectiveness and value of our products.”

Betterplants has gained a reputation for its commitment to sustainable and organic practices providing farmers and gardeners with natural fertilisers.

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