Protecting Your Business – advice from An Garda Siochana

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Local Enterprise Week 2024

Local Enterprise Week is organised every year by the 31 Local Enterprise Offices across the country. This year Local Enterprise Week takes place from Monday,

A retail premises security assessment is essential to identifying weaknesses in physical security that might provide an easy opportunity for a crime to occur. While nothing can make your business absolutely crime-proof, these checks and recommendations are intended to create security layers that, if implemented, can serve to reduce criminal opportunity or make it more difficult to force entry into your premises. A small investment of time and money can make your business premises more secure and less likely to be targeted by criminals. Criminals like easy opportunities. If they have to make a lot of noise, spend a lot of time or risk being seen, the chances are they won’t bother. If they are aware staff are security conscious they will be less likely to attempt a criminal act.
As retail premises open up again after Covid-19 restrictions it is even more important to ensure your premises is secure. Complete this checklist to determine how well your premises is secured.

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