Mullingar Pride 2023

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Mullingar Chamber interviewed Mullingar Pride Chairperson, Daniel on their upcoming event this Saturday 8th July.

  1. What inspired you to take on the role of Chairperson for Mullingar Pride for the second year? – To be honest I started this entire journey and I felt I needed to stay on as captain of the ship until Mullingar Pride is secure enough to keep going without me! Pride is still in its infant phase and consistency is going to be key moving forward until the organisation is fully woven into the fabric of Mullingar.
  2. How would you describe the overall vision and goals of Mullingar Pride? The overall vision is clear: create, facilitate and nurture a LGBTQ scene in Mullingar. Through events, social groups & support systems.
  3. What can attendees expect from the upcoming parade, family day, and nights entertainment? Details and times of events and route.  Alot of colour!! Like any Pride Day there is always something for everyone at our events. All events are located in Black Hall this year because it’s so central. Alot of LGBTQ people in the town have had children of their own and the family event is designed solely with that in mind which kicks off at 2pm.  The Pride March/Parade is a tradition with an event like this and it’s a chance for the town to see we are here and it makes us feel seen. We will march up the town at 3.30pm. The night time is all fun & games and a chance to express our culture and entertainment with drag race uk star BAGA CHIPZ headlining and a host of national queens and DJs all kicking off from 4pm in the afternoon.
  4. Have you collaborated with local businesses and organisations to make Mullingar Pride a success? Yes we have and their support is vital to an occasion like this. Honestly, Mullingar Pride wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the generosity of our sponsors. The local businesses who have supported us should be very proud of themselves to be involved in such an event in the town. It is very meaningful and I hope they know that. Full list of our sponsors can be found on our website and as an organisation we can’t thank you enough.
  5. What challenges have you encountered in organising these events, and how have you overcome them? Look, we are an LGBTQ group and no matter where you go in the world unfortunately still there are prejudices towards our community and Mullingar is no exception but they are a minority and the vast amount of people in this fabulous little town have been amazing! We overcome those hateful voices by focusing on the positives and those who support us.
  6. How do you engage and involve the local community in Mullingar Pride’s activities? It’s 2023 so social media is key. We try to have the jazziest and campast social media out there. We use it to be seen and heard and to connect with Mullingar. Another key element of engaging with the community is our fundraising events throughout the year. Our drag brunches and quiz nights are a staple at the stage. It is vital to get out there in person and be seen and meet with the public and those who need this representation the most.
  7. In what ways do you promote allyship and support for the LGBTQ+ community throughout the year? Allyship is a tough one. We shouldn’t really be looking to promote it just know our events are inclusive and if you wish to show that you accept us then come along, allies are always welcome. One thing I always say is if you have anyone in your life, a friend or family member who is LGBTQ and you support them then come to our events and be seen at them. It is so important because sadly there are people out there who don’t have support.
  8. How do you plan to measure the success of this year’s events? Just like last year through the happy faces and words of our attendees, Mullingar Pride is always inundated with messages on our socials with thank you’s and stories that make us feel we got the job done. As a non-profit creating a safe space for those people is our primary focus.
  9. How do you handle any potential controversies or conflicts surrounding the parade or other events? Two words Grace & Dignity. These people don’t deserve a reaction and as a committee we are resilient and resourceful. Recently we had some of our flags removed from the town which is disheartening but not surprising. However, so sorry to inform those people but we won’t be reacting we will just put them up again. We are here and we exist to get over it.
  10. Can you talk about the impact Mullingar Pride has had on the local community and its perception of LGBTQ+ issues? Well I think it did shock the town a bit and brought up the question do we need it which I get asked alot. What the town doesn’t realise is it has lost countless talented, experienced and driven LGBTQ people throughout the years to larger cities because of total lack of representation. I mean the proof is Mullingar Pride! Both years now a small team has pulled together an event so fantastic on a shoestring budget imagine what else we could do for the town. In regards to LGBTQ issues I think it’s made Mullingar realise that society doesn’t treat us well sometimes and events like this are very much needed.
  11. What role do volunteers play in the success of Mullingar Pride, and how do you recruit and manage them? How do people volunteer for next year?  Our volunteers are an essential asset to the safety and success of our events. Firsty our entire team is made up of a volunteer committee who work so hard to bring the town the best possible Pride ever. We hold an AGM every year and people are elected into their roles. Our event volunteers apply through our website and we hold a training day with them so they are 100% ready and prepared. Keep an eye on our socials and website to apply for next year.
  12. Are there any plans to expand or evolve the scope of Mullingar Pride in the coming years? Absolutely Mullingar Pride’s main initiative is progression and growth. One of our main goals is to create an LGBTQ support. social & entertainment structure within the town that is accessible to all. We see Mullingar as an annex queer space to Dublin similar to Brighton to London in the UK. The hope is the entire midlands area will have our events as a must go on their calendars each year. Which will bring much needed nourishment annually to the local economy as we expand.
  13. How can individuals and businesses in the community support and get involved in Mullingar Pride’s activities? If you are interested email us to every little helps and we are open to any way a business or an individual wants to help. If they would be interested in holding a fundraising event or helping to organise one we’d be happy to guide and accommodate as finances are vital to keeping our organisation alive.