Better plants are a midland-based company; they source all their seaweed from Irish suppliers and make sure they are 100% Natural products.

They have been using seaweed products for years in their garden, and they found that there were a lot of products on the market that did not really do what they would claim to do, had a lot of chemicals in them or were so watered down that the goodness was gone out of the seaweed. They set about looking for a product that was not only natural and would not only feed the plant but also feed the soil, as over-use of the same soil will result in poor crops resulting in the use of these chemical plant foods more often. Join The Better Plants GO NATURAL Movement! · 100% Certified Organic · Free from Artificial Chemicals · Improves Nutritional Value of Crops.

Better Plants are mostly an online business delivering directly to their customers, they also have a bottling plant at their premises in Dalystown. For more information click here

+353 86 380 5921
Carrick, Dalystown, Co. Westmeath