Mind Body Resilience School

Mind Body Resilience School was created by Laura and Amanda. They created the first ITEC accredited ‘Energy Resilience Workshop Leader Course’ awarded in Ireland. They work with Corporations and individuals to support them creating Wellness Programs and changes within their communities, workplace and personal lives.


The Energy Resilience Workshop Leader Course supports participants to understand what Energy Resilience is, how it impacts them and how to maximize its impact in their own personal and professional life. Employers who understand the importance of Resilience for employees can impact the satisfaction and retention of staff in their work place.


This workshop supports Companies create sustainable wellness changes , or the creation of new programs within their organizations by having some staff trained and certified as Wellness Energy Resilience Workshop Leaders. They create a small group in the company overseeing the Wellness program (or adding to an already existing one) and utilizing all of the tools they learned in their course. There is also an on going 6 week follow up Zoom call with graduates of the course to support their progress and ensure their success, while also building a community of support that surrounds graduates.


Laura and Amanda also provide Corporate Wellness days for companies utilizing a lot of our tools creating a very fun, interactive session that will have participants leaving rejuvenated, feeling good and knowing how to connect to their own power source in their body to get the most out of each day.


The program is also very beneficial to Yoga teachers and other holistic professionals that can add this certification to their qualifications.


Laura and Amanda have been working together on different projects over the last 15 years. Combining our professional qualification and experiences which amount to over 60 years and led them to where we are today. Both individually and together they are passionate that understanding our bodies, our mind and our energies are the driving forces behind everything we do in life, every decision we make and how we ultimately show up for ourselves and others every day.


Amanda also specialized in Relationship Coaching and am a mentor who has worked alongside people to help them emerge and transform their lives, supporting them in their own braveness and resilience delving into their own inner strength, pushing through resistance and tension that has left them feeling stuck in life and in relationships, whether personal or work. The introduction of neuroscience is crucial with clients to help them navigate and have a clear understanding of their own internal systems and relationship with themselves and how that shows up in other areas of our lives.


For the past 30 years, Amanda has worked for various organizations where mentoring, teaching, and relationship dynamics were key in my work.

Amanda has worked supporting individuals and families to explore and grow into their own potential and find their voice to forge and a new space for themselves in their own world.

Amanda is a licensed social worker, lecturer, public speaker and trainer who supports people creating change on a personal and professional level.

She supports people in understanding and connecting their three brains; their head, heart and gut fully aligning them to their values and beliefs allowing them to create the life they desire. I am a member of CORU, ITEC and the World Association of Coaching.


Laura is a licensed “Heal your life” workshop leader in the health industry for more than 25 years. After teaching over 7000 students the techniques of Holistic massage and working on some of the top artists in the world, she really understands the power of our words and how illness, stress and our belief system can manifest in the body.

Laura has been working with companies and teams to help people tap into mindfulness, the law of attraction, spiritual growth and the power of movement and breath Some of the talks Laura delivers “The power of our words”

“Reconnect to your INNER NET”

“Consciously Connecting”

“Rules of Energy”

Laura believes if you understand how the brain is wired, that each person can take their own power back and deliberately start creating what they truly desire. There will be simple techniques to show you how your own body and mind cannot lie plus tools and techniques to help re program your own thought system.

Laura holds membership in ITEC, IMTA, YA, Licenced Heal Your Life Trainer / Facilator.


They truly believe in what Aristotle says ‘ Knowing yourself is the beginning of all Wisdom’ !

For more information see their website below

085 8151656
Solace Cottage, Minnistown Road, Laytown, Co Meath