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Mullingar Chamber Vouchers are now accepted in over 70 businesses in Mullingar. They are the perfect all year round gift idea and are not just for Christmas.  This gives you the opportunity to treat family and friends while allowing them the freedom to choose where to spend the voucher. Vouchers are perfect for all sorts of occasions such as Birthdays, Communions, Anniversaries or as a simple “Thank You” to that someone special.

You can buy the Shopping Vouchers online by clicking here. *postage applies to each online order.

Alternatively Vouchers can also be purchased from our Office in the Market Square and from Mullingar Credit Union. 

Why Buy Mullingar Chamber of Commerce Shopping Vouchers?

Did you know that for every €1 spent locally is worth €4 to our local economy? In 2016 the Chamber sold €200,000 worth of Mullingar Chamber Shopping Vouchers and this is worth €800,000 to the local economy according to Retail Ireland research.

Tax Break

Employers, employees, retailers, the local economy and jobs all benefit when bonuses of up to €500 are paid using Mullingar Chamber Shopping Vouchers rather than payment through regular salaries. Opposed to a cash bonus which is so often just absorbed into their pay cheque quickly disappearing with tax and PRSI deductions and staff not realising they have had a bonus.

Tax-free bonuses for your employees

Do you pay your employees’ annual bonus through payroll? If the answer is yes, this is treated as taxable income. However, under the Revenue Commissioners’ approved ‘Small Benefit Exemption’ scheme, up to €500 (annually) of this could be paid in vouchers and therefore, be totally exempt from PAYE tax, USC and PRSI.

  Bonus paid through payroll Bonus paid through Vouchers
  40% Tax Rate 20% Tax Rate  
Total cost to employer €1,096.52 €785.46 €500.00
Employer’s PRSI €106.43 €76.24
Gross Pay €990.09 €709.22 €500.00
PAYE (40% / 20%) €396.04 €141.84
USC (5.5%) €54.45 €39.01
Employee PRSI (4%) €39.60 €28.37
Net payment to employee €500.00 €500.00 €500.00

Mullingar Chamber Shopping Vouchers come in denominations of €20 and €50 and are redeemable in over 70 outlets in and around Mullingar. The vouchers are sold all year round and are available to be purchased in both the Mullingar Chamber office and in the Mullingar Credit Union.

You can buy the Shopping Vouchers online here.

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Telephone: 044 9344044

Please Note: There is No Cash Refund on these vouchers.

Change may be given as either credit notes or cash, where change is applicable, and at the sole discretion of each outlet. 


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