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James Dean is a Certified Life Coach and Personal Development Trainer and in February 2022 he founded James Dean Coaching.


His mission is to ask as many people as possible “What’s Important To You?” as I believe once you know what’s important you can design and build a life full of purpose, meaning and fulfilment. James has found the most important thing people want is to be is themselves but what if you don’t know who you are? From working with individuals and groups he has discovered that to truly be yourself what you say and do must be reflected in what you think and feel.


James provides one to one Life Coaching programs that range from 8 weeks to 6 months and he specialise in building confidence, self belief and self esteem. James creates a safe space for his clients to talk openly about what's important to them, what they want to achieve, how they want to feel and what is holding them back. his role as a coach is to enable his clients to see what is possible, help them understand they have the answers within them and support them as they take actions that will move them towards their goals.


He delivers group workshops that range from half day to a full week. The workshops cover topics What's Important To You?, Defining Success, Growth Mindset, Building Resilience, The Importance of Compliments, Control the Controllable and more. The benefits of these workshops are clarity on goals, team building and personal wellbeing. He also provides a bespoke programs for companies and workplaces combining group workshops and one to one coaching.


James also host a podcast called What's Important To You? I have powerful and interesting conversations with people from all walks of life beginning with the questions What's Important To You? The aim of the podcast is to learn from each other by sharing what's important and how this has influenced our lives.