Stomp Social Media Training

When first started looking at what was going to be done with my time back in 2012-2013, unfortunately was very limited as to what could be done. There is two lovely children and when business was set up  in 2013, they were 3 and 5.

Ideally wanted to do something that would work around them initially and obviously needed something flexible.  Other jobs and roles just didn’t allow for this.  There had always been a stay-at-home Mum since having the kids and wanted to continue this for as long as possible, so setting up my own business seemed like a logical conclusion. The previous year (2012) when there was volunteering as usual with one of my favourite charity’s Cuidiu, where was approached by a Magician!  He had seen me posting on Facebook regularly and wondered if he could get a few pointers off me on how I did it?  Of course, was delighted to show him how this was done and really enjoyed seeing him learning to do it for himself and that’s where the idea of stomp came along.  He then recommended me to others and after a few enquiries was then approached by the Local Enterprise Office on how to set up my company.

085 2860502
Midlands Business Hub, 2 Dominick Street, Mullingar