Shiny Solutions

Shiny Solutions

Shiny Solutions is a consultancy company specialised in business process improvement and automation of repetitive tasks. They help companies in various industries to improve productivity, efficiency and reduce operating costs. they are dedicated and incredibly determined, they work hard but smart. They thrive through this method and we wish the same for you.

They expand the range of possibilities through design thinking as we believe that "the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement”. They always focus on quality over quantity, and are inspired by Japanese culture and its pivotal role in improving business processes. They live and breathe Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, Lean is their passion and way of life. They apply Lean principles to solve problems of inefficiency, reduce waste and save you time and money.
At Shiny Solutions, your productivity is their priority.
For more information visit

044 938 2127
Ashe Road, Mullingar, Ireland
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