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Mullingar Chambers has successfully been promoting the Mullingar Gift Vouchers since 2011 (previously named the Mullingar Chamber Shopping Voucher) We now have over 110 businesses in Mullingar listed as accepting the vouchers. To accept these vouchers please read the details as outlined and complete the form below. 

It is very easy it is to accept and redeem these vouchers. Vouchers can be redeemed as often as you wish, every day, every week, every month! You should post your redemption through our letterbox at the Market Square or registered post them to us if they are small amounts. Please ensure there is Company details, an email address and your estimate of voucher sales in your envelope – we ask that you put large redemptions in our letterbox in Market Square between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. We would then email you a receipt of redemption and send to our accounts person to pay. Payment takes approx. 2 weeks from date of arrival in our office.

There is a redemption fee of 1.5% on all vouchers and does not cost anything to set up. For this % your business is listed on our website as accepting the vouchers, you are promoted on Facebook and promotional material that accompanies the vouchers.

Vouchers come in denominations of €5, €10, €20 and €50’s which make them easier to spend in a single location, we ask that you provide a credit note if they are due change so as to keep the money in the town, however you can give cash if you wish. There is a 5-year expiry date on the vouchers.

The vouchers are paper-based and have been going since 2011. Each year sales are over €200,000, we have set ourselves an ambitious task this year and have printed €400,000 worth of vouchers that should be in circulation by the end of this year.

Mullingar Chambers also run the website and social media pages and are promoting the vouchers across these platforms too.

If you would like any more information about Mullingar Chamber or The Mullingar Gift Voucher visit or email

Vouchers can order by email or phone (044 93 44044) or online at . You can also pick up smaller quantities of vouchers at Mullingar Credit Union.

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    Note: there is no charge to join our voucher scheme however, please note a redemption fee of 1.5% is applicable on all vouchers.

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